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From The Desk of Chairperson

Rakesh Mehta

VISHWESHRAIYA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION under Vishweshraiya Educational Trust Was established with the sole purpose to impart quality education keeping in mind the challenges faced by Society today.

V.C.E.'s strength lies not only in the fully developed curriculum that it offers but most importantly in the sincerity with which we deliver what we promise. The College has pushed itself to improvise and experiment with the standard of academics.

We inculcate the values of respect, discipline and positive attitude amongst the students To make them excellent students


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Vishweshraiya College Of Education
V.C.E provides the enabling support and the culture of learning which values teamwork, vision, creativity and discipline. An extraordinary framework is provided for achieving mission critical objectives... V.C.E offers a platform for a highly interactive and experiential environment. Through the V.C.E program, students shall be enabled to interact with many School
Almost the entire core, adjunct and guest faculty at V.C.E are well qualified in Education field.Most of them have spent several years in the teaching line. They share their rich, practical experience with V.C.E students. Thus, a V.C.E class is a unique mixture of theory and practical learning, a methodology adopted by the best Colleges.


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